The etsy shop THBdigitaldesigns is now officially closed and the digital planners will no longer be available through the Etsy site…. But do not despair that is not the end of the Cross Stitch Digital planners!

The Etsy shop came with a ton of problems, from different costs for customers based on location and taxes, as well as some locations not being able to purchase through Etsy. I personally felt that it was unfair how the Etsy system made different people in different locations pay different amounts for essentially the same products – How can that be!

I wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted a digital stitching planner could access them and all at the same cost.

Although it has taken some time to get set-up, I now have a shop on this Blogg/website where you can purchase the digital downloads as before, but directly from me and not through Etsy.

Just click on the shop in the top bar to shop your digital stitching planner

Thank you all who have supported me and my planners and I hope they help with all your stitchy planning and tracking for years to come.


  1. Kim
    18th August 2020 / 12:54 am

    Hi, I purchased the planner (non flosstube version) back when you had it on etsy and absolutely love it. When you included, at no extra charge the floss colors list I was so excited as it completed my much needed cross stitch planner. I foir one really appreciate you sharing what you had initially created for yourself. ;o) hugs

    • Teresa Hayden-Ball
      21st August 2020 / 4:28 pm

      Hi Kim
      Thank you for your lovely feedback – So pleased you are liking your new planner.

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