Christmas Goodies

Merry Christmas!!!

Nothing like a bit of stitching christmas goodies

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and hope you are having a wonderful festive season. My husband has surpassed himself again and brought me some wonderful stitchy goodies to play with over the holidays.

Since I started stitching I have always loved the Needle Needs products. The frames and stands have been my go to products.

With so many projects on the go now, I need more frames so I don’t need to keep taking projects on and off the frames to switch; so of course, my christmas list had to include more frames and stretcher bars….

In the past year or so Needle Needs brought out a new design of the stand, with some more refined features, of course my thought was……

I already have a Needle Needs stand, so why would I want or need another one?

Well for Christmas I received the newer version and what can I say……….. I really did need the new upgraded version and here is why

  • More secure and sturdy stand
  • Easier adjustment of the main column to the overall hight
  • Much easier new upgraded angle adjustment of the arms, making it possible to achieve your perfect stitching set-up and angle

All this beautifully packaged and very easy to set-up

My gorgeous husband has made things even easier for me by attaching a multi-plug extension lead to the stand so that I can plug my Ipad in and still have a spare for my light when I head out to my stitching retreats – roll on 2019!!!

I am really looking forward to some very comfortable stitching sessions going forward with my new equipment – now I just need to sit down with a coffee and get stitching.

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