Commute stitching

First thing in the morning on the early 6.30am commute into London.  2 hours each way makes for a very long and boring commute – so the decision has to be made.  Do I sleep, catch-up on emails or stitch?

What do you think I decided on …….

Yes you guessed it! Stitching lol!

I decided I need to use my wasted time in a more inspiring way, so got my Twisted Band Sampler on my qsnap.  I have to say I’m rather impressed with the progress of only stitching this wip on the train.


  1. Gena Chronister
    16th November 2017 / 3:40 am

    Hi Teresa,
    I Absolutely adore your flosstube channel! Ok so I’ve been bitten by the Twisted Band Sampler bug and just have a quick question/ concern ( way to Pay it forward, right?) I also ordered it Cross stitch only…. I ordered mine from 123 stitch and when it arrived I have herringbone, Smyrna,, and all different stitches as part of my pattern; Cross stitch only?!?!
    Then lo and behold you hold up yours(Thank You btw) I got a good look at your progress and it looks like only cross stitch. What am I missing in the pattern or ordering I wonder? Is there something I need to convert the pattern?
    Thank You for any advice you can give
    Keep up the BEAUTIFUL work

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