My new Annie’s Keepers thread storage system

Annie's Keepers

My new way of doing things with my threads in 2019

I made the decision back in 2018 that having my DMC threads on bobbins was just not working for me. I always felt like I was spending more time winding and unwinding to get a length of thread, than I did actual stitching.

When I took the leap and decided to sign up for two Thread of the Month Clubs with Silks4U and Trisha at Three Owl Threads for silk threads, it forced me to think about how I will store them. The thought of unraveling the skeins and putting them on bobbins was just like….

No way am I putting my beautiful silk threads on a plastic bobbin to get kinks!

So this forced my hand to make a decision and order something new to try. After looking at all the possible options for storage, and for using whilst working on projects – there was a lot of back and forth on the pros and cons let me tell you.

That said, the one that really seemed to tick all my boxes was the Annie’s Keepers system. The only con to this product was that it can only be purchased from USA. For me here in the UK that means shipping charges and customs charges but I came to the conclusion that for the right system the additional cost was worth paying.

I can tell you I am not disappointed!

I am now in the throws of changing my current WIPS over. As I stitch colour by colour I am transferring from the bobbins to the keepers.

This will not be a system I can just switch straight over to as it would take far to long time to un-bobbinate everything and move all on to the keepers in one go. So I am moving it over slowly and and when I need to pull a new skein it will go straight onto a keeper – I am so happy with this system.

Now I can spend more time stitching and less time getting my threads off bobbins and and trying to keep it all organised in boxes.


  1. Angie Welbern
    21st January 2019 / 4:12 pm

    What do you do with the little bits of leftover floss though?

      1st February 2019 / 7:16 am

      I just loop the little left over bits the same as the other strands ?

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