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      That’s a finish!


    Do you know what Flosstube is? If not, why not!

    If you aren’t familiar with Flosstube, then you should be! it’s a wonderful collection of YouTube creators who post stitching-related videos on their Youtube channels.

    Flosstube is a wonderful world of guilty pleasure, where you can see all the wonderful stitching related things.

    Things you can find on flosstube:-

    • Tutorials
    • How-to videos
    • Pattern and Chart ideas
    • Sharing of WIPS (Works in progress) so you can see how the designs stitch-up
    • Great source for new techniques/designers/supplies
    • Great Tips and techniques to make your stitching easier
    • Get to see hand dyed fabrics and threads
    • Sharing of stash and haul – usually showing new products and charts released
    • A one-way conversation with a like-minded person who enjoys the same hobby as you
    • Updates and progress on projects
    • Finishes and finishing ideas and tips

    The list goes on ………

    I started my Flosstube channel back in 2015.

    I originally started as a total newbie to the cross stitch world and spent hours watching all the Flosstube videos and gaining so much knowledge from the community. I then took the plunge and created my own Flosstube channel Teresalittlestitcher and I have never looked back.

    We share all out WIPS, Finishes, Haul, Stash and for some our life updates. It is a great way to connect with like-minded people with the same passion for the hobby that you have.

    All that I have learned about cross-stitch and stitching, in general, has come from Flosstube – where there is a whole world of knowledge being shared on this media platform.

    If you’re looking for inspiration, ideas or help with how-to-do something stitching related, just type Flosstube in Youtube and the world is your oyster!

    Be prepared to be enabled!!