Time for some smalls

About time too!  I thought it was about time I got out some of those lovely small WIPS to see what I could get done on them in between everything else there is to do in a day.

Surprising how much you can get done with a 15 minutes here and there.

With the train commuting being more consistent and needing to be in the office, I thought I would dust off a little train project and use my time more wisely.

So given that I am getting into the spirit of Christmas I pulled out my Frosty Forest to have a little love.

Now you don’t get much more festive than a bit of snow.  I am not a lover of stitching white (if I’m honest) but on this light grey linen it is not so bad.

Would you believe that after trying a number of times to produce a french knot in the past and failing miserably, I managed to stitch the eyes of the deers on a commute train first time round!  Unbelievable – note to self ……don’t try so hard.

Then with an early night in bed one night and a bit of flosstube, I thought I would turn my hand to yet again something new and tackle the woven bars in my first Hanger piece – Beginners Hardanger part one by Loopylou Designs


All in all I think it came out ok for my very first attempt – I can definitely see me getting more into the hardanger and drawn thread pieces.

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  1. 19th November 2018 / 7:00 pm

    As always your work is so beautiful! You are more adventurous than I am as I have not ventured into Hardanger work. Thank you for sharing your work with the rest of us.

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