The holidays are coming…

It was only a matter of time before the usual Christmas themed stitching would pull me in this year.

What better way to get myself into the Christmas spirit than with an Erica Michaels, The Linen Berry Collection Mistletoe Kisses.

The Christmas project

I have decided to go with all the called for materials including the 40ct Weeks Dye Works linen in the colourway Straw.

I’m loving the Weeks Dye Works floss colourway for this festive piece.

New start

I usually make an ornament or two as Christmas presents and I’m hoping to do the same with this. But so far I am struggling to get hold of the required felt and pins to fully finish these.

This may mean I have to take the hit and order from the USA and take the taxes hit….. But so worth it to see these berries fully finished in time for Christmas.

Watch this space…….

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