Weekend Chatelaine Work – Evening in the park

Never enough time in a week for everything

Do you ever have one of those weekends?  Yeah, you know the ones where you plan to get all the house work and washing done and have the idea that you will have a PJ stitchy weekend!  Well that was my plan for this weekend!  I say PLAN, but it didn’t turn out quite as i wanted it too.

For the first time since i can remember hubby got the weekend off work………. No your right that is a good thing – really it is!  But with him home, i can’t just sit and stitch and let him potter around like a spare part lol!

So Saturday was a washout for stitching.  We ended up shopping and preparing to start decorating our bedroom in a few weeks.  Of course we had the usual couple argument/disagreement/constructive discussion of our difference of opinion on what we want it to look like; but we came to a mutual decision in the end.

Thankfully, he decided he wanted to go racing today (Sunday).  So all was not lost! – Stitching commenced nice and early today after a very fresh walk with the dog (very windy, and chillier than it has been for a while).

So decided my Chatelaine has been neglected long enough – I was just putting off the dreaded speciality stitches – I am new to them and they frighten the life out of me.  I have come to the decision that my piece could be unique in its appearance, I am not sure i have created the stitches correctly, or that they are exactly as they should be, but i am going to embrace it and just go with what i think they should look like and like it lol!

I was aiming to complete all the metallic and flowers – but after hours of stitching I still didn’t complete them all, but I am happy to accept defeat, with the new goal of getting the rest of them done in the evenings in the week.

Design by Chatelaine – Evening in the park, Stitched on 25 cnt Evenweave in colour way Abyss by Hand Dyed Fabric By Stephanie,


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